Published December 16, 2021



Manuntun Rotua, Terati Terati

Abstract 386
Online date : 2021-07-07 08:22:36

Page 120-132

Ikes Dwiastuti, Andi Musdalifah, Masriadi Masriadi, Andi Julia Junus, Muhammad Asdar

Abstract 224
Online date : 2021-01-05 15:46:55

Page 133-139

Wilis Nofia Rahmawati, Nanang Nasrullah, Ikha Deviyanti Puspita

Abstract 186
Online date : 2021-07-16 07:26:49

Page 140-151

Azizah Nur Inayah, Iin Fatmawati, Ikha Deviyanti Puspita, Muhammad Ikhsan Amar

Abstract 188
Online date : 2021-05-27 08:27:14

Page 152-161

Atikah Ammar Hanif, A'immatul Fauziyah, Nanang Nasrulloh

Abstract 365
Online date : 2021-03-23 22:57:57

Page 171-178

Novi Tri Astuti, Sintha Fransiske Simanungkalit

Abstract 197
Online date : 2021-04-27 16:56:12

Page 162-170

Razi Dwi Santoso, Ratih Putri Damayanti, Ayu Febriyatna, Firda Agustin

Abstract 160
Online date : 2021-03-23 22:40:02

Page 179-186

Tri Arina Hanura, A'immatul Fauziyah, Nanang Nasrullah, Utami Wahyuningsih

Abstract 390
Online date : 2021-02-18 13:55:14

Page 187-196

Dinda Anggita Mulia, Muhammad Ikhsan Amar, Dian Luthfiana Sufyan, Sintha Fransiske Simanungkalit

Abstract 201
Online date : 2021-02-18 11:54:27

Page 197-210

Sherly Sherly, Deri Andika Putra, Afriyana Siregar, Emy Yuliantini

Abstract 242
Online date : 2021-02-04 21:06:19

Page 211-220

Agatha Katherine Jayanti, Dian Luthfiana Sufyan, Ikha Deviyanthi Puspita, Luh Desi Puspareni

Abstract 297
Online date : 2021-02-17 15:02:34

Page 221-230

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The managers invite scientists, scholars, professionals, and researchers in the disciplines of Nutrition and Health to publish their research results after the selection of manuscripts, review of partners, and editing process.

The manuscript must be original research, written in Bahasa (Indonesia) or English, and not be simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference. We would like to announce that starting from July 2020, for those who would like to submit a manuscript in English must attach the English proofread to our editor.

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